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Thank You for Your Generosity

During the month of Ramadan, we asked you to support our medical intervention works with your sadaqah and zakat, for poor Nigerians. Each time we appealed for funds, you gave generously, and we want to say Thank You!

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.” (as narrated in Sahih Muslim).

Sakinah receives application for assistance all year round, from Nigerians who are unable to meet their medical needs due to financial constraints. The funds raised during the blessed month of Ramadan would be used to cater to some of these needs. Your Zakat and Sadaqah will reach the goal you have in mind. They will touch lives, and put smiles on the face of our brothers and sisters who are living with different ailments, and their families.

Without a doubt, the impact of every payment received is immeasurable and a great boost for the organization to work harder in the future. May Allah bless you beyond your expectations.

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