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The movie, Piper

The Movie Piper and its Life lesson

The movie “Piper” won the Oscar for the best-animated movie. Its duration is only 3 min but director took 3 years to conceptualise and produce it. Teaching us how life can change when our perception changes.

After watching the video, maybe….just maybe, you will understand that we all have nothing to loose in helping others. Pull those you can pull up, lift those who barely can stand, feed the hungry, help the sick and continue to touch lives positively.

The truth is that we are all interdependent and at a particular point in life, in need. Some support through prayers, some through physical support, some financially and others just by mere soft words of love and hope…

At SAKINAH Medical Outreach, we provide medical care and assistance to needy Nigerians and we have been able to benefit more than 548 individuals with complicated medical issues and carried out 4 medical outreaches that have benefited hundreds of individuals within the communities of our reach.

Our hope is to establish a medical center or hospital, where free medical care would be accessed by less privileged who seek for such assistance.

This is only possible through collective individual donations…

Support our project and remember this;
The Prophet said:
“Giving in charity doesn’t decrease your wealth in the slightest, and the person who pardons is not increase except in honor and there is no person who is humble for the sake of Allah, except that Allah will raise his rank.” (Muslim)
With your donations, we would impact hundreds of people, who are in need.

Send in your donations today to;
General Donations Only
Account Name: Sakinah Medical Outreach
Account Number: 003613555
Zakat Payment Only
Account Name: Sakinah Medical Outreach
Account Number: 003670635

Thank You for All the Support.



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