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Everything you need to know about Sakinah Medical Outreach.

What is Sakinah Medical Outreach and What Do They Do?

We are a nonprofit and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by providing quality health care services and medical assistance. We also have innovative programs to tackle the poor health system in Nigeria.

Where Does Sakinah Medical Outreach Works?

Since our inception in 2009 we have worked around the states in Nigeria.

How is Sakinah Medical Outreach Different to Other Non-profits?

One of the unique features of the organization is that as a Muslim organization, we provide medical assistance regardless of the religious or ethnic background of deserving applicants.

Where Does Sakinah Medical Outreach Get its Funding?

Sakinah Medical Outreach relies on the general donations from the members of the public, Zakat and Waqf (endowment). Our campaigns are not politically funded or affiliated to any organisation or government. Indeed, our work will not be possible without the generosity of individuals like you.

How Much of My Donation Goes to Sakinah Medical Outreach Programs?

For 7 straight years, Sakinah operated a 100% donation policy. At the moment, the organization is run almost entirely by volunteers making administration costs to be the barest minimum.

Do You Have Programs Other Than Healthcare?

Sakinah Medical Outreach takes a holistic approach to health. We believe medical care is just one component of good health. For example, without quality emotionally trained staff and provision of drug or emergency needs, there cannot be good health. As we expand our capability and reach, we desire to cover the entire value chain of healthcare delivery.

How Can I Work or Volunteer for Sakinah Medical Outreach?

To view our current or anticipated openings, please visit the vacancies section on the website. When you find an opening that matches your skill set, submit your resume along with the online application. Sakinah Medical Outreach is a service providing organization which main works are grounded in volunteerism. Volunteers are required to reinforce our staff strength in on-going projects as well as take up positions in new projects. We need committed brothers and sisters with different skills who can spare part of their time and who can work alone or in teams on different projects. There is always an opportunity to volunteer and touch. Use the form on the volunteer aspect section on this website to submit your application to volunteer.

How Can I Help?

The difference really starts with you. There are many ways to make a difference in the lives of poor people caught in minor or major health crises. By making a donation, no matter the amount, you are ensuring that the class of people we serve have what they need to survive and recover. You may dedicate part of what Allah has blessed you with as an endowment (waqf) to continue to serve the poor perpetually and you can spread the word about Sakinah Medical Outreach and the issues that need our help on.

What is Sakinah Medical Outreach Commitment to Compliance and Ethics?

Sakinah Medical Outreach works to the highest standards of integrity and to each decision we take is is informed and guided by transparency, credibility and local-knowledge. We have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of fraud, impropriety and corrupt practices. Our Code of Conduct helps ensure that our employees, directors, officers, consultants, volunteers and the applicants are quite clear of our principles and adequately guided to comply at all times. Sakinah Medical Outraech takes seriously its report obligations on all inflow and outflow of funds and submits itself to independent and thorough oversight and check by qualified external auditors.

Who Do I Contact for More Inquiries?

Please contact the Admin Officer at the Sakinah Medical Outreach on at +234 909 725 4624; at the Sakinah Medical Outreach office: 4, Wilmer Street, Awosika Bus Stop, Isheri-Berger, Lagos State or via email at:

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