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The Muslim Public Affairs Center (MPAC) launched the Sakinah Project in 2009 to provide world-class care treatment and medical assistance for indigent and needy members of the society. It has provided a chance for Muslims to have a personal impact on others- Muslim and non-Muslim Nigerians. During the period that MPAC ran the Sakinah as a project, more than N60 million was collected as Sadakat and Zakat and judiciously expended to benefit 548 persons and organise 3 medical outreaches that have benefited hundred of the less privileged members of the community of its reach. Some of the beneficiaries got free life-changing all-expense paid treatments outside the country, in such countries as India, Turkey, and Germany for chronic ailments.

The project was managed by volunteer Muslim medical practitioners at leading medical centers and teaching hospitals in Nigeria and has now transformed into full-fledged medical outreach organisation set up to deliver high-performance results to both beneficiaries and donors. Funds are dedicated to serving humanity and afford an opportunity for public-spirited individuals to make a difference in the lives of sick people and have a personal impact on them. The intervention project has covered several medical treatments for both the young and aged including evacuation to medical facilities overseas.

The amazing work and successes of the project encouraged the center to chart a better future for it. By becoming a professional organisation that will deliver top-rated services in the entire value chain of healthcare and service delivery to the poor, Sakinah Medical Outreach is set to play a much bigger role in Nigeria’s healthcare system in the coming years.

The organisation is fully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC. 102734), with its staff and led by Dr. Salman Yusuf, Consultant Neurosurgeon at the National Hospital Abuja. Dr. Salman has led the Sakinah Project for 6 years and midwifed its transition. The new organisation will continue to serve the general community with Transparency, Credibility, and Local-Knowledge.

Sakinah Medical Outreach is entirely dedicated to serving humanity. It will provide HOPE, LOVE & PEACE for the sick and their families. In sha Allah, it will put smiles on the faces of the sick and their families.

At Sakinah Medical Outreach, we look forward to successful years ahead with accomplishments that will position the organisation as a leading medical outreach organisation in quality service delivery and impacts.



To make quality healthcare services, facility and medical treatment easily accessible to the deprived community.


To be a world-class health organization providing quality health care services and medical assistance for indigent (Muslim and Non-Muslim) members of the society and also to be a first response team for medical emergencies and crisis intervention when disasters struck.


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How You Can Support Us

Sakinah has stepped out of MPAC better than it came into it. It came in as a project, it’s leaving as an asset with the necessary experience and knowledge to forge a good path for itself. There are series of upcoming campaigns of Sakinah Medical Outreach as an organization, details of the event would be uploaded on all social media accounts including the websites and weekly newsletter, with the details of how you can support. Please consider donating to the organisation using the details below, and to pay your Zakat.


For General Donations                                                                                                              

JAIZ BANK                                                                                                                                 
Account Number: 0003613555
Account Name: Sakinah Medical Outreach


For Zakat Payment                                                                                                            

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Account Number: 0003670635
Account Name: Sakinah Medical Outreach

“And if Allah touches thee with affliction, none can remove it but He: But if He bestows upon you a favour, remember that He is the Possessor of every power to do all that He wills.” (Qur’an 6:17)