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Remember Sakinah Patients in Ramadan

Through your Zakat and Sadaqah received in past years, we’ve been able to positively impact thousands of lives and bring smiles to the faces of many families. Through your generosity, we spread love, care, and kindness to those who would have otherwise lived in despair.

Those whose lives you’ve touched will never forget and they will continue to remember you in their prayers throughout their lifetimes.  Moreover, Allah will reward you both in this life and the hereafter.

Empower us with your Zakat or donations this Ramadan to enable us to reach even more lives and bring more smiles to those battling chronic health challenges. We are always at the forefront of touching many lives and bringing smiles to those in dire need.

Remember, being merciful to those on earth will invite Allah’s mercy upon you from above.

Prophet Muhammad reminds us to be compassionate towards others.

Kindly consider supporting our cause at Sakinah Medical Outreach with your Zakat or General Donations:

Sakinah Medical Outreach | Jaiz Bank
0003670635 (Zakat Payment)
0003613555 (General Donations)

May Allah accept your Ramadan efforts and shower you and your family with blessings.

With the link below, you have access to the 2023 Annual Report of Sakinah Medical Outreach.
2023 Annual Report

Read the Donor’s Charter of Rights here

Thank You.




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