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A Long-Standing Islamic Tradition 

 “Ibn Umar reported,, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab got land in Khaybar, so he came to the Prophet and asked the Prophet to advise him about it. The prophet said, ‘If you like, make the property inalienable and give the profit from it to charity’

For those that have thought of many ways to help Sakinah Medical Outreach realise its vision, an excellent way we all can work together is to integrate the tradition of Waqf (endowment) into our funding matrix. No doubt, a perpetual source of funding for Sakinah and its patients will be of tremendous help for us to plan, execute and grow.


Waqf, or ‘endowment’, is a long-standing Islamic tradition. It plays a very important role in Muslim societies and refers to the dedication of some valuable goods – land, a building, or even money – such that it no longer belongs to anybody, and cannot be bought or sold. The profits which are then generated from this endowment are given away as charity. An excellent way you can help the work we do at Sakinah Medical Outreach and make it sustainable into the future is by setting up a Waqf for Sakinah patients. This will be a perpetual means of supporting patients whether you are alive or not.


When ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab acquired a piece of land, and asked the Prophet, peace be upon him, how best to use it, the Prophet advised him to establish it as waqf: “make the land inalienable (unable to be sold or given away), and give its profit away as charity.” The harvest and profits of this land were then donated to the poor, travellers through the land and others who were in need.

Another exemplary case was that of the story of Uthman’s well. When people of Madinah were suffering draught of water and there was sufficient water in a well belonging to one Jew. The Jew named Rumat al Giffari was selling water to the poor inhabitants of Madinah with a high price (as many of us would do today). The Messenger of Allah (SAW) assured Paradise to those who will buy the well and endow it to the entire residents of Madinah (both poor and rich).

Uthman bin Affan (RA) at once set out for the Jew and purchased the well in two batches paying a hefty price (38,000 dirham – silver coins – a huge sume in those times) and registered as an endowment (WAQF) to the poor natives of Madinah.

This prolonged charity (i.e. the well) is still intact and tons of water are being pumped out of it using an electrical motor which is used to irrigate the farmland beside it, quench the taste of pilgrims and vast communities in need of water.

By setting up your waqf with us, the revenue from such (cash, movable or immovable) properties will be perpetually spent to fulfill the needs of Sakinah Medical Outreach and its patients, based on the preferences and conditions set by you.

What Your Waqf Will Enable Us to Do

Sakinah Medical Outreach

  1. Meet our Operational Costs
  2. Attract and Retain Best Hands
  3. Meet Training and Development Costs
  4. Pay for Office Rent, Logistics and Utilities

 Our Patients

  1. Health Advocacy and Training
  2. Health Counselling and Guidance
  3. Community Medical Outreach
  4. Free Healthcare Services
  5. Second Opinion Services

Many more…

Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times?

(Surah Baqarah: 224)

The more you give for the sake of Allah, the more Allah will give to you.




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