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Personal experiences from our beneficiaries of the projects of organization has proven that good health is all you need.

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic respiratory disorder, mental illnesses, and other non-communicable diseases have become major issues globally. This ailments can render an individual, hopeless and helpless in any country, especially developing nations like Nigeria, where the health sector is in a deteriorating state.

Many individuals travel abroad to seek for better quality health care services. But in cases where individuals are less privilege and suffer this chronic illness, they are unable to seek for treatments abroad. Hence, organizations like Sakinah Medical Outreach, are their only option to access quality health care services.

Treating chronic illness can make a rich person become poor, and the poor become poorer. It can make a man lose his job, stop the schooling of a student, end the means of livelihood of a family, and can entirely ruin a household.

Sakinah Medical Outreach is committed in providing quality health care services for free to the less privilege, who cannot access quality health care during chronic illness. This is possible with everyday donations from our generous angelic donors. We have been able to save lives together, restored loss hope, revive spirits, and giving another chance.

Join us today as we save more lives.

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